Web Redesign of the Year

Web Redesign of the Year – 2017 FINALISTS

Califia Farms

This maker of specialty drinks like cold-brew coffee and almond milk for the first time sells perishable products through its redesigned website. The company promises that its products “love you back”, and the site incorporates that message throughout customer reviews and uploaded photos of products in use. There’s also a blog with recipes accompanied by mouthwatering shots of the ultimate product, and a well-organized one-page checkout. Weekly sessions are up nearly five times since the redesign and page views per visit have increased 61%.

Kate Somerville

From video built into home page images to hover-over detail on category pages, the redesigned KateSomerville.com e-commerce site makes shopping for skin care products easy and appealing. Product pages feature images of consumers using the products, as well as ingredient lists and a description of the item’s benefits. A persistent shopping cart follows the shopper as she scrolls through pages. And, at checkout, she’s prompted to see the loyalty points she’s earning, add a promo code and request free samples—as well as to consider products related to those she’s buying.


The new Lowes.com seeks to quickly answer two questions many customers have: How much will it cost and how can you get it to me? The shopping cart automatically estimates shipping and sales tax to give the shopper a complete price. And the site prominently displays the option to pick up in the customer’s nearest store, including how many items are in stock there and in other stores in the area. If the customer chooses to pick up in a store, the site will show its exact location on a map of the store’s aisles.

Oliver Sweeney

OliverSweeney.com shows off the brand’s high-end men’s shoes and leather accessories with visually stunning images and a clean layout. But behind the scenes a move to a new Magento e-commerce platform allows the site’s managers to easily change promotions and tie them to marketing campaigns. Customer service agents can access a customer’s cart and apply promo codes and discounts. Implementing product page best practices, such as the Add to Bag button above the fold, zoom and large images, boosted the site’s conversion rate 28%.


Award Category Description: A web site that shows a major improvement in its appeal, functionality and customer friendliness and meets the future requirements of online retailing. The new design must also produce improved results (higher average ticket, conversion rates and higher sales, lower bounce rates). 

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