Mobile Commerce Award

Mobile Commerce Award – 2017 Finalists 


Online marketplace eBay Inc. continues to update and iterate its mobile site and app to provide an easy-to-use interface for buyers and sellers. The work has paid off as consumers have downloaded the app roughly 348 million times and given the app more than 1.4 million five-star reviews. In the fourth quarter of 2016, 59% of eBay’s sales involve a mobile device at some point. The marketplace is also bullish on new mobile commerce technologies and has invested in Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook Messenger chatbots.


Cosmetics giant Lancôme, a brand of L’Oréal Paris, launched a mobile site with the latest techniques available to make the site fast and eliminate any barriers to making a purchase. Using Google’s Progressive Web App technology, Lancôme’s mobile site looks and functions like an app, but since a shopper doesn’t have to download an app it’s available to anyone with a smartphone. The site’s speed has increased more than 50% on average across all of its pages, and sales have increased 16% year over year on the new mobile site.


Automotive accessories retailer RealTruck puts mobile shoppers in the driver’s seat. In the past year, the retailer used A/B testing, heat mapping data and shopper click patterns to redesign how its home page, category pages and vehicle-specifics pages look on mobile devices. The changes helped increase the retailer’s mobile conversion rate by 17.1%, which is 8.1% more than the desktop and tablet increase in conversion. Plus, the retailer’s mobile revenue increased 73.7% which is 51% more than its desktop and tablet revenue increase.


Home furnishing giant Wayfair Inc. is pushing the limits of what mobile means. Within the past year, the web-only retailer has rolled out several augmented and virtual reality mobile apps that show off its products in 3-D. For example, Wayfair’s IdeaSpace app works with Google’s virtual reality headset Daydream Viewer, and allows consumers to travel to 10 rooms furnished with Wayfair products. Consumers can access details about the product’s price, read consumer views and add a product to their cart. Wayfair’s mobile sales are also impressive. In the fourth quarter of 2016, 43.3% of e-commerce orders were placed on a mobile device.


Award Category Description: The retailer showing the greatest creativity, performance and sales growth from a mobile-specific web site and/or apps. 

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