Global E-Retailer of the Year

Global E-Retailer of the Year – 2017 Finalists


Electronics brand Anker Technology Co. LLC, which was founded in China in 2011, is on to something. In 2015, the merchant reached $200.33 million in total revenue, a 74.5% boost from $114.78 million the year prior. The company has been wildly successful in seizing the opportunity to capture cross-border commerce dollars. In 2015, 96.8% of its business—or $193.95 million—came from customers overseas. While Anker ships to more than 80 countries, 40% to 45% of its sales come from shoppers in the United States. International revenue also recently swelled by 74.0% in 2015. While Anker has yet to disclose 2016 sales numbers, its 2016 market share in two of the company’s most important product categories—batteries and chargers—has grown to 30.9% from 29.1% and to 15.3% from 12.8%, respectively.

Benefit Cosmetics

Global represents a big piece of digital sales at makeup retailer and brand Benefit Cosmetics LLC. Benefit launched 24 sites in 16 languages last year with 18 more slated for 2017. Benefit is actively present in 45 counties around the globe, and adapts its e-commerce strategy to each country. Benefit is a big advocate of relying on local help and asking questions to learn in each market. “We rely on people in the markets to tell us things like the most popular Korean social networks,” says Valerie Hoecke, executive vice president, global digital.


The web is the fastest-growing channel for Nike Inc., and the footwear and sports apparel giant reports especially strong e-commerce growth in China. Nike is making progress toward its goal of becoming a $7 billion global e-commerce player by 2020, as it reported a 46% year-over-year increase in online sales for its fiscal second quarter of 2017.  Moreover, China is a major potential growth area for Nike’s e-commerce business and the company had a big quarter there online and offline. “Greater China continued its strong results with its 10th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, highlighted by another quarter of triple-digit growth in,” CEO Trevor Edwards recently said. “We had our biggest Singles’ Day ever, reaching nearly three times last year’s sales.” Nike was one of the best-selling U.S. brands on China’s Singles’ Day, the Nov. 11 e-commerce shopping holiday promoted by local e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.


Award Category Description: A retailer that has invested heavily in online markets around the world and has produced the highest ranking and/or growth rate in all markets compared to other global web sites. 

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