Best Product Video of the Year

Best Product Video – 2017 Finalists

Apparently a plethora of PVC fittings leads to plenty of customer questions. Service reps at found themselves answering a lot of calls from shoppers wanting to know, for example, whether to buy Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 pieces. The video explains what polyvinyl chloride is and why it’s ideal for projects involving liquids or gasses, such as drainage, waste and venting systems. Mark, the narrator, takes a straightforward yet fun, here-to-help approach. Product images pop onto the screen around him to illustrate various fittings and the guidelines (pressure, temperature) for using them. SupplyHouse says calls about PVC fittings are down and sales of PVC fittings have increased more than 16.6% sitewide since the video went live.


Who needs a swamp cooler and why? Sylvane Inc., which specializes in home and air treatment appliances, set out to answer that question for consumers, who seemed to be confused, based on the number of evaporative cooler returns. Sylvane wanted to clear the air on how these indoor-outdoor coolers work and what climates are most ideal for them. The video highlights where to put swamp coolers in a home, how to clean it and change the filter and refers consumers to more details on specific models. It also suggest a CFM (cubic feet per minute) test on its website to find the right cooler for a shopper’s needs. Since releasing the video, which has almost 30,000 views, swamp cooler returns have declined.


Vurtego not only wants to take consumers to new heights (literally), this high-tech pogo stick manufacturer wants them to understand the engineering behind this new take on an old toy. The V4 allows users to bounce just a foot off the ground or soar 10 feet into the air and do flips. The video, viewed about 250,000 times, shows how to quickly adjust the air pressure to a user’s weight or skill level, and how to collapse and stow it in a vehicle to transport it to the next playground. The experts in the video bound across all kinds of terrain (look for this to become a new X Games sport), and the video also shows the V4 in such settings as kids at a ballfield and adults at the park.


Award Category Description: A retail video that effectively explains a product and its benefits, and which leads to higher sales and fewer returns. Companies will be able to nominate themselves or be nominated by their solutions providers for this Award.

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