Best Marketing Video of the Year

Marketing Video of the Year – 2017 Finalists


For the launch of Pampers’ Easy Ups, the manufacturer told the story of the new product in the form of a toddler’s pop-up storybook. Complete with a rhyme-and-meter voiceover, the video showcases the benefits of Easy Ups by using anecdotal situations common in the life of a potty-training toddler to try to give a child’s training experience a “happily ever after” ending. The 70% of online viewers watched the 97-second video to the end, which helped the product gain market share.


Reef’s “Just Passing Through” video series highlights some of the “best places on Earth to surf and enjoy life.” The 10-episode series features exotic, often iconic, surf destinations. The beautiful videos helped the apparel retailer and manufacturer boost sales and engagement, while at the same time driving double-digit e-commerce growth, a significant increase in repeat traffic and increased engagement with Reef’s social media channels.’s “Tradelife” video series aims to promote the building trades by highlighting the plumbers, contractors and others who do the often-gritty work. For instance, one video features plumbers and pipefitters who donated time and resources to replace faucets and install water filters for residents of Flint, Michigan. SupplyHouse has used advertising platforms, including social media, as well as email to share the videos. The retailer says it received an “overwhelmingly positive response from the people involved and our customers.” With more than 500,000 views of its first four episodes, the series is the retailer’s most successful video campaign.


Award Category Description: A retail video that is well produced with high entertainment and promotional values that result in higher sales, brand recognition and a high level of viral distribution and awareness.

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