B2B E-Commerce Website Design of the Year

B2B Website Design of the Year – 2017 Finalists


Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. LLC, a distributor of scientific and engineering products, rebuilt its website on the foundation of a new e-commerce platform. The new site and technology makes it easy for customers to request a quote and view previous orders. The responsively designed website also adjusts to the country the visitor is coming from as well as the type of device. And to get feedback on the design, Cole Parmer prominently features a short survey that asks customers how they like the new website.


PacknWood is a manufacturer of eco-friendly food packaging and restaurant supplies that redesigned its site to make its site more visually appealing and easier to use. Product pages frequently include videos and they make it easy to order samples, place an item on a wish list and calculate shipping costs. The clean checkout flow tells the customer how long an order will take to arrive and the total weight of everything that’s been ordered.


Most orders come into Sullivans via fax, phone and EDI, so the newly redesigned website aims to make it easy for retailer clients to register and get started shopping for the everyday and holiday gift items SullivanGift.com offers. A customer can enter his account number and, without waiting for approval, access the protected portion of the site that shows prices and discounts. A retailer can see his account history, including orders placed offline, to make it easy to see what he ordered in the past, including at particular times of the year, or on a particular purchase order. To jog his memory, a click on a past order reveals images of the items purchased, and the customer can easily reorder from the page. The site personalizes what’s displayed to a customer’s previous purchasing behavior and can vary discounts by customer type, such as offering incentives to first-time buyers or those who have not ordered in a while.

Tech Data

Shop.techdata.com, the e-commerce site of information technology product distributor Tech Data, provides information tailored to individual users. It enables customers to build quotes, search for tracking information, request special pricing, find an invoice or request a license resend. A section for the company’s 12,000 resellers offers them web-only pricing, access to their sales rep and online weekly deals. A new Renewal Source feature provides automated quotes when customers’ licenses are up for renewal. Online revenue grew 24% in 2016 and the site achieved a healthy conversion rate of 11%.


Award Category Description: The e-commerce website of a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor that most effectively guides customers to the products they want, provides needed information, allows customers to configure products and request price quotes, offers flexible shipping options, connects to approval and workflow systems, and leads to higher online sales and new customer acquisition. Consideration will also be given to manufacturer web videos provided to distributors and other downloadable marketing materials that manufacturers provide to distributors, wholesalers and resellers.

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