B2B E-Commerce Player of the Year

B2B E-Commerce Player of the Year – 2017 Finalists

Amazon Business

Amazon Business keeps getting better, offering more services to both sellers and buyers—for example, Material Safety Data Sheets, 3-D drawing files, and searching for sellers by credentials. The number of sellers on Amazon Business grew to 45,000 as of the end of 2016, up 50% from just six months earlier, dramatically expanding the selection on the B2B shopping portal. The huge growth rate of this unit of Amazon.com Inc. and the fact that the rest of the B2B e-commerce industry seems to be watching it—and undoubtedly learning from it—makes Amazon Business a unique contender.

Cisco Systems Inc.

IT equipment manufacturer Cisco has a long history on the internet and it keeps on improving on its online assets. On average per quarter, more than 100,000 customers and channel partners in 17 languages around the world use Cisco’s e-commerce platform, which the company says supports more than 3.5 million page views per day. Buyers can purchase products ranging from a single SKU for a few hundred dollars to a highly configurable computer network costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The huge volume going through its commerce platform, and its assistance to dealers and distributors, is worth a high rank.

Garrett Popcorn Shops

Garrett uses e-commerce to put itself in a stronger position to build seasonal sales from demanding customers, including professional sports teams. B2B online sales contributed to an 8% increase in 2016 holiday sales; business orders that once took six to 10 hours for multiple staffers to handle now are mostly self-service. Its sites allows for customization of orders for a large number of recipients per order, with the ability to handle multiple ship-to addresses. Responsive design makes the site easy to use on mobile devices. Its B2B platform for special markets includes custom pricing and promos, and content management. Popcorn may be a simple product, but Garrett sells it through a sophisticated B2B website.

Kimball Midwest

In business since 1923, Kimball Midwest distributes maintenance, repair and operations equipment and supplies through a highly usable e-commerce site as well as an 800-person sales staff. A redesigned site with strong search and navigation, the ability to list multiple buyers on a single account’s purchase history, personalized pricing, and rich content data have all helped to increase by 70% the number of customers ordering online in the past year. Another nice feature is an online tool that helps buyers organize their inventory of industrial parts and tools.

Tech Data

As a multibillion-dollar distributor of IT products, Tech Data gets high scores for site design and usability with excellent features for the business buyer. A dashboard page, for example, shows such data as time left on special pricing agreements, and order status and tracking.  It also provides complex search and navigation for complex products, a strong mobile site, and lots of buying and selling applications for resellers.  With its excellent growth metrics, and success in targeting small and midsized businesses, it stands out as an effective B2B e-commerce player with particular success in reaching a targeted SMB market.


Award Category Description: Manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor that most effectively uses a B2B web site to increase online sales to business customers, addressing the particular needs of its customers, and which is considered a pioneer in business-to-business e-commerce development. 

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